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E-learning – Why a necessity in the nation of Africa?

e-learning in AfricaThe continent of Africa has undergone a massive change over the last ten years. There has been a tremendous economic improvement and growth making the continent a podium for the upcoming challenges and improvement. Expert comments six percent average growth in the economy of the African countries while the other parts of the world are presently undergoing a downfall in the growth of economy.

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In spite of the rich economic resources in Africa there is something dark about the whole continent that is making the people suffer immensely. The educational scenario in the African continent is not as great and promising as other continents in the world.  It is education that paves the path for a man to success and prosperity but somehow Africa is not able to make a name in the educational field.

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We find that most of the students in Africa have failed to pursue higher education qualification. There are not many institutions in Africa to offer higher education to the students. They lack proper infrastructure and hence cannot accommodate all the aspirants.

The other vital reason for their drawback in educational zone is their financial issues. Most of them are poor and can’t afford to spend huge amount of money to enrol for higher education qualification. Hence one of the best ways to acquire higher education is to opt for online distance learning. It is one of the best alternatives for them.

In the past correspondence was the only way to impart distance education but now with the advancement in technology everything has changed. The new mode of Distance learning is delivered through the medium of internet. The different kinds of internet connection through 3G and lofty swiftness in the broadband have made it really easy for the people of Africa to enrol for distance learning courses.

There are OPERs (Open Educational Resources) and MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) available for the seekers in Africa. The 21st century is pacing to make the world a better platform for unbelievable educational changes. I-learning or E-learning is gaining popularity in Africa no doubt.

There are around 193 countries worldwide that are making use of the open educational resources of African Virtual University (AVU). We are well aware of the fact that there is still restricted internet connection facility in the continent owing to the high fund required for the internet connection. The other reason that bars appropriate internet connection is the disruption in the power connection.

However there can be improvement made in these areas by pressurising the Sub-Saharan countries. They can demand for quality higher education as well as education of the human who did not get the opportunity to do their further studies. Therefore mobile technology is an important asset that the Africans can depend on.

Hence E-learning can be a boon to the people of Africa. They can overcome all problems and challenges.  All that they need is apt formulation of policy by the government and proper funding.  And they must keep on mind that they have to educate each one of them. The technological progression has created different ways of imparting education to all so they must make use of these resources meticulously.

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